6 Advantages to Lettering Company Vehicles

Lettering, or vehicle wrapping, company vehicles is the signage and graphic industry’s hottest and fastest-growing segment and continues to grow.

Here are the advantages of lettering company vehicles to make the most of your company’s marketing budget and attract new customers.

1. Lower cost per thousand views than traditional marketing methods. Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates that transit advertising alone generates anywhere from 35,000 to70,000 views per day, and as low as $0.002 per thousand views. In comparison, static, interstate billboards cost between $2-$6 per thousand views.

2. Extend Brand Presence. Utilizing current capital assets such as company cars and vehicle fleets has the ability to extend brand presence outside of brick-and-mortar shops and online digital content. Vehicle lettering extends the reach and frequency of an Internet campaign when users are offline.

3. Easy to Update. As your company grows and changes so too should your marketing and branding. Vehicle wrapping is quick and easy to update with no damage to a vehicle’s underlying paint.

4. Naturally engage target customers. Eye-catching vehicles naturally engage local customers while vehicles complete other work in your desired service area.

5. Options to Fit All Needs. There are a number of vehicle letting options to fit a variety of budgets and graphics needs – from magnetic signs temporarily stuck to the side or door to partial or full vinyl wrap to individual adhesive lettering.

6. Opportunities to Stand Out. We recommend working with a professional sign company to ensure your messaging and branding stand out for the right reasons. According to OAAA, 30% of mobile outdoor viewers base their buying decisions on ads they see.   

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